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The search engine landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. The competition is fiercer than it has ever been before. Even the search results look different. There are now videos and images in Google's search engine result pages, as well as real-time streams fed by Twitter and Facebook updates, social results, news, maps and a host of other enhancements. And Google now automatically personalises results for each searcher, meaning that a website that seems to rank well for you might rank poorly for someone else.

Search has evolved, and at Segater we believe it is time for a new style of seo.

Therefore we've moved away from traditional seo to a customized niche approach. We have created a portfolio of niche search engines that enable deliberate choices. Our improved customer experience finds the most relevant search results instead of merely showing content blocks like Google does.

We operate in a number of verticals with our main ones being:

  • classifieds
  • job offers

What this means is we create a specific search engine for a particular niche and each query triggers search for the most relevant information across the range of thematic websites. For example, a search dating engine would collect profiles and photos from dating sites all around the world so that the searcher doesn't have to sign up to dozens of individual websites to have a quick browse.

Our search engines catalyze effective search experiences instead of attracting random clicks. Thus, we are improving the relationship between the users and advertisers. With our projects at hand, you become your own Google.

If your SEO isn't giving you sufficient returns, maybe it's time to speak to Segater.

Our projects

Trud.com - most successful and effective job-aggregator. Trud.com

Trud.com is one of the most successful and effective job-aggregator on worlds markets. It is the most convertible from all job-aggregators and even it has higher conversion rate than Google, Yandex traffic. As a result, our partners reassign its costs from other traffic sources to Trud.com.

AvtoPoisk.ru AvtoPoisk.ru

AvtoPoisk.ru is an aggregating engine of automotive proposals from all over Russia. Search and find the best proposals of selling and buying new or used cars. This is an access to the most popular auto sites advertisements in one place. Any vehicle vendor is presented here. It guarantees convenient and fast search of any car.

NaydiDom.com NaydiDom.com

NaydiDom.com is a search engine of real estate ads collected from different websites. Simple and quick search of the latest proposals for homes, apartments, buildings for sale across Russia. If you are looking for buying or selling property - use NaydiDom.com - all necessary information from different sites is gathered here.