Welcome to the world
of search engines!

We have created a portfolio of niche search engines that enable deliberate choices. Our improved customer experience finds the most relevant search results instead of merely showing content blocks like Google does.

Our search engines catalyze effective search experiences instead of attracting random clicks. Thus, we are improving the relationship between the users and advertisers. With our projects at hand, you become your own Google.

Compare Google with Vertical Search Engines

How we are different Google Search Vertical Search
Search among the targeted sites yes yes
100% free to use yes yes
No ads no yes
Search results accompanied by thematic description no yes
Matching search results based on users parameters no yes
Single sign up across lots of top sites no yes
Benefits for
  • Highly targeted traffic
    at low cost
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Greater control of costs and measurable results
  • Simple integration
  • SEO content, links and structure
Benefits for
  • Largest database of relevant
    and up-to-date results
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast and precise search
  • Easy authorisation process across multiple sites
  • Niche search engines are
    totally free
Our Team

We're a Team of professionals who have launched Segater to implement advanced technologies. Segater is our most valuable project and the main reason for our success.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide the most relevant search results and live up to the users' needs. We power a wide range of sites provided for common and niche interests. To become even more successful, we are currently attracting online services worldwide to offer the largest possible selection of targeted matches.

Our Projects:
  • Trud.com is a dynamic innovative job aggregator offering very unique services in the areas of job and personnel search.read more
  • AvtoPoisk.ru is an aggregating engine of automotive proposals from all over Russia. Search and find the best proposals of selling and buying new or used cars.read more
  • NaydiDom.com is a search engine of real estate ads collected from different websites. Simple and quick search of the latest proposals for homes, apartments, buildings for sale.read more