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Training the brain with your every campaign

Segater is a small team of professional web developers and creative managers. Our mission is to improve the efficiency of searching the web and help people find exactly what they're seeking.
Each brilliant idea is a challenge, and each of our currently functioning projects is a successfully
achieved goal.
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Project manager Trud.com

Project Manager

Project manager NaydiDom.com & AvtoPoisk.ru

How do we achieve our goals?

We understand users' psychology

In order to eradicate the problem, you need to know where its roots come from. Our various research tools help us gain important insights into the needs and expectations of our users.

We develop product strategies

Websites and web applications have become so complex that sometimes users cannot even perform basic activities. We are constantly developing our strategies and experience in usability for the purpose of helping users achieve their goals quickly and easily.

We brainstorm and generate ideas 24/7

We appreciate the good ideas of our team workers and implement the best ones. After discussing the ideas, we evaluate them, develop a strategy and work on transforming them into the perfect practice.

Segater maintains job stability and a varied workforce in a fair environment where everybody is treated equal. We encourage the development of employee skills, especially through training and internal career opportunities. We believe that it's important to build a strong relationship inside the company where people work towards a common goal.