About Us
- Get to know us inside out

The functionality that makes us successful and its logic

Our major goal has always been to improve existing ways of searching over multiple sites. We provide a wide variety of services for our customers and partners aiming to shorten the path to search results for both. Take a glimpse at some of the key technologies and technical principles behind our products.

We implement the integration of our search engine's API to the external site. It allows our partners to import data about their profiles into our system via API and benefit from being easily found on our search engines. In other words, you share certain data about your database with us via API and then show up in our search results.

This implies the following steps:

  • First we gain the users' permission to transfer data to the chosen website and then let the
    owner of the website know that the permissions have been granted.
  • Secondly, we transfer the users' data to the external website.
  • Thirdly, we receive confirmations about successful registration and (optionally) an autologin url
    of the site users.
  • Then we transfer users' data to the search engine account. If the user hasn't registered with us before, accounts for both sites (LoveScanner and LoveBook) are created.
  • After that, we transfer users' confirmation mails to each site where users have created accounts.

Our advanced and secure profile import engine allows us to safely transfer to our system the profile data stored at our partners' sites. Profile data uploaded through our import system is usually logged into the search system of the server within 24 hours.

Below is the logic behind forming the search results with profiles from certain sites:

  • The percentage of users' data transferred to certain sites influences site's popularity
    in search results.
  • The CTR of profiles is then counted, and the most popular profiles get their positions
    on each page.
  • Users are shown profiles from the sites they haven't yet visited.

We also have the system of data transfer about users' activity on each of the external sites, where they were registered from LoveBook or LoveScanner. All activity is available for tracking from our site and redirects users to certain pages of external sites.

Top profiles algorithm

Our unique algorithm of providing relevant results with the most popular profiles is based upon information about the profiles history and the activity of the users who once created these profiles. The bigger the number of the competitive profiles shown on a page, the more popularity potential a photo gets – if initiates clicking.

Our search algorithm also takes into account how actively certain search results are rated by the search engine's users. The higher the rating, the higher the search results may be placed. Therefore, each site owner that competes for the top becomes very much interested in the quality of information placed on the resource. CTR is also taken into account here. All standard search engines use similar parameters in their algorithms, however, they do not track the results of searching - because if the webpage is irrelevant, the importance of getting the corresponding feedback from the user cannot be underestimated.

The activity of the profiles is another important point that has been included in our algorithm 'formula'. The user is interested in getting newly updated information, so it's vital to prevent the popularity of profiles from depending upon the time of their content existence.